I really don’t like write about myself but they all say I have to write about myself in my blog at least, so I am writing :/.

I am a student of Electrical Engineering at UET Lahore and currently a DX Intern at Microsoft. Since when I learned lighting up a small LED, I ‘m in love with electronics. I’m a rebel of this education system. It’s incompatible with geniuses  (I wish I was one). I have great interest in technology.

I was a crazy gamer which made me interested about game development. I learned Unity and C#. But i didn’t stop there with my newly recognized passion of programming. I learned .Net development, mobile app development, Front-End languages, UWP, Asp.Net Core and a number of other technologies.

I’m a big fan of technology and business trends. I don’t mind leaving old things and switching to new technologies. In fact I do a lot of research before I start to learn anything to make sure what I am learning is the next big thing. Currently I’m learning about Machine Learning and extending my skills in Internet of Things. Besides technology I also have interest in martial arts, cooking, physics and philosophy.

If you are a techie who loves futuristic gadgets, a programmer looking to extend his skills to new technologies or even just a noob,  keep visiting my blog. You will find it very helpful 🙂